WWE Supercard Cheats Tips and Tricks

The fighting game called WWE SuperCard is a free to play game available in android and iOS. The game is a card-based PVP game in the theme of wrestling.

You need to collect cards and play in the ring. However, there are some features available in the game that can engage you for hours.

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In this post, we will provide you some WWE SuperCard cheats to progress fast in the game.

wwe supercard cheats

WWE SuperCard Cheats to Use in Game

  1. While Playing the Wild mode, select the opponent with less number of matches played. The available stats for those players will be less, and you can win straightforward.
  2. Always watch a video after wild game and get an additional four picks.
  3. Auto-select the deck to get the best players for that particular match.
  4. Select the starter pack for all the modes. After the release of WWE SuperCard Season 6, the starter packs are of an advanced mode. Use these advanced heroes to win the wild matches as many as you can.
  5. The first King of the ring match should be a giveaway match. Do not invest much of a resource after the King of the Ring matches. Since in the beginning, your deck selection will be based on Titan, Monster, and Beast, so you will receive these cards even if you win the title. Check out the https://wwesupercardcheatsglitch.com/ site if you want to know several wwe supercard cheats that are legit to use in the game.
  6. At the kick-off of the match, concentrate on accomplishing the daily quest and challenges. If you accomplish a lot of them, you will be able to receive a higher stat player’s card. Win a lot of wild matches and use them after the best cards you have.
  7. Never shuffle your players in the deck for wild cards. Always try to create a pro-card at the earliest. You need to play 180 matches for one card, so if you play with the same six cards, you can upgrade all six cards to a pro. It will result in the improvement of your best six cards, and thus your Draft Picks will be better.
  8. In the beginning, you must have the aim to get as many numbers of Superstar cards. So you need not concentrate on the Money in the bank. They do not produce a profitable pick, and the Contract store is expensive.
  9. Log in daily to ensure the rewards for easy packs. Also, it would help if you collected all the rewards from the profile ladder. The game gives you rewards as credits for your number of matches played. So play more and rise high on the ladder to make sure that you have some special cards.
  10. Never spend credits to speed up the process. The training session and Fusion chambers require considerable time to produce the result. The training session does not affect the player to play other matches.
  11. You will get one training session instantly. Use that after you receive all the starter packs. You must ensure that the instant upgrading of your best card is done through this training session free pack.

Final Words

All the above WWE SuperCard Cheats are useful for the beginners to reach up to Wrestle Mania 34 fast. So use them and go for more wins.