Subway Surfers Currency Guide and Special Features Game

Subway Surfers Currency Guide

Lets find out everything about Subway Surfers game. Just like Subway Surfers Currency Guide and Features of the game.

Millions of mobile users are present worldwide, and most of them are playing Subway Surfers. The game is released by GYBO games for IOS, Android, and windows.

It is a great way for enjoyment in free time, and anyone can easily install it using playstore or official game website.

The basic version of the game is free for everyone, but for some extra things, we need to pay a real amount of currency.

The gameplay is all about scoring high and challenge with your friends. The character of the game is growing by collecting a high amount of currency.

Subway Surfers Currency Guide

Here is a complete subway surfers currency guide that you want before playing subway surfers game.

Kinds of currencies of Subway Surfers

The game comes with various elements as currency, but two kinds of currencies are used that are coins and keys.

Both are essential for growing high in the gameplay. Everyone wants to collect them, but it is one day is not enough to gather it.

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The players have to follow the gameplay and complete some tasks for earning a high amount of currency.

Open some bonus amount that is for the beginners in the game. In this guide, we are showing the right uses of both currencies.

Free Coins and Keys


The coins are the prime currency for us, and it is used for buying many kinds of boosters, skins, jetpacks, and jumping shoes.

The players can easily get it by keeping moving on the tracks, and it is part of the main missions. We can earn such coins by watching ad videos and enormous promotional events.


The keys are important for everyone because it gives us more chances to continue in the game. At the start, we will get around two free keys.

More keys mean more lives in the game, and the players have to smarty use these keys and avoid wasting them on useless lives.

Players can have lots of key and coins both by playing the game continuously. You can also have them all using your real money, and also from doing in-game methods and events easily.

To get you started with some of the in-game methods to earn free keys and coins, we know a great source called that has lots of such methods listed in a way that you can use them easily to earn free game resources.

Know about the vital features of the game:

The game consists of huge numbers of features, but we are talking about only selected ones. The user should check out these features to grow perfectly in the game.

Elegant animated objects 

The game theme is based on animated characters, and all objects are perfectly arranged. The colorful visuals are giving us a wonderful experience.

The running speed of the game is very impressive, and it does not slow down. We can see the detailing of each object, and all things are working on the right speed.

Play with your online friends 

Most of the players are like to play with friends, so in the game, we can easily play with them. For that, you need to use a Facebook account for creating your first account.

After that, we can send playing requests or invite for challenges. Beat the high score to lead on the game and earn some additional coins by Facebook login.

All factors are unavoidable for us, so you need to focus on scoring high to make a powerful position in the gameplay. Update the game on a regular time for adding more new features and remove bugs.