Pixel Car Racer Cheats To Win the Races in 2020

Pixel Car Racer Cheats

There are lots of pixel car racer cheats available online but it is up to you on which ones you choose to dominate the game.

If you are looking for a new racing game that runs on both iOS and Android platforms, then Pixel Car Racer by Studio Furukawa will be a great option.

The retro-style arcade racing game has got an integration of the RPG sandbox experience. So the game is not about some simple, thrilling adventurous journey.

Instead, there is some depth in the concept as well as the playing type. You will be thrilled to see more than 50 cars and the options of more than 100 accessories that you can use through the levels.

  • The tuning is in RPG style
  • Dyno tuning is also present
  • The engine system is very realistic
  • A couple of game modes- Street mode and Drag mode

Now you must be wondering that how will you manage to win the races? Of course, when there are more options for car modifications, the players who have got more coins and XPs can possess highly efficient vehicles that are way better than your present vehicle.

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So you have to plan for continuous improvements. Below are some of the best cheats for pixel car racer game that you can implement in your gameplay.

Pixel Car Racer Cheats to Use in the Game

Use below mentioned pixel car racer cheats to understand each of the gaming concept in details and use them for your winnings.

pixel car racer game modes

1. Know the Modes:

Already you know that there are two primary modes in the game. If you opt for the Drag mode, then you will have to drive across a straight path similar to any standard racing game in real-life. But things are different when you select the Street mode.

In this mode, you have to keep on changing the lanes and avoid hitting other cars that cause a drop in the speed of your vehicle.

You need to tilt the device right and left to avoid the cars. If you get familiar with the tilting mechanism, then street mode play will be more enjoyable for you.

2. Capture the Flag Mode:

You will really enjoy playing in the CTF mode. All you have to do is to hold on the flag as long as possible while racing.

If a car comes from behind and hits you, the player will get your flag. So when you play on the CTF mode, the most crucial factor is to maintain a consistent speed.

It will help to make your way past the other cars and also save your car from bumps. If you lose the flag to someone else, immediately start following the checked icon of the flag. It is your turn to bump into the car and recapture your flag.

3. Watch Ad Videos:

If you get some extra money for watching some small ads in between two races, won’t you have the patience to watch the ads? Of course, you will do.

The upgrades are essential to modify your car. Purchasing a new car is also possible if you get some free cash.

You can also use a site called pixel car racer cheats club that will bring you some free cash as there are plenty of such cheats listed one by one to follow instantly.

The game offers you free cash sometimes, which can amount up to even $15,000. All you have to do is to check the in-app store regularly.

4. Managing the Dyno:

If you want to have the best shift points on the car, then you need the dyno. Note the points where the torque, as well as the horsepower of your vehicle, is at the maximum and also where they level off. That will be the right point to shift when you want to improve the time while racing.