Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currency Guide: Uses of Cash and Stars!

KKH Currency Guide

There are two different kinds of currencies in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood such as Cash and other is the Stars. In this kim kardashian hollywood currency guide, you will get to know about the basics of these currencies.

Basically, both currencies are really important in the game. When you are going to play this game then you will find various kinds of features in for enjoyment such as customization and also the dating option.

Players can start hook-up with the other celebrities and also start dumps others. Instead of this, people are getting attach with the game and they always try their best in order to earning the currencies because it will prove supportive for the players to do lots of tasks in the game.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currency Guide to Know Everything About

Kim K Hollywood Currency Guide

Here is a complete currency guide to the kim Kardashian hollywood game that one can find helpful.

KKH Currencies

As we have already mentioned about the game’s currencies so now you will get two different kinds of currencies such as Cash and Stars.

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Here I am going to share some valuable types of currencies such as stars and cash in further paragraphs.


Let me start from the cash that is the amazing type of currency of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. It is considered as the soft currency of the game.

If we talk about the use of this cash then it is used for buying the cloths, homes, furniture and many other things.

Even you can easily start spending cash on the dates.  Here are some great types of cash that you must check out –

  • Paid cash – The cash can be purchased from the Starshop by clicking on the + that is available near you cash along with the real currency. Therefore, it will definitely give you great outcomes.
  • Earning cash – Now you need to get most common way to get the cash then it is film movies, TV shows and commercials. The higher the rating you can easily get on them. You can easily start rating you get on them, the more you have cash you can easily receive. It is also possible to collect this currency by talking to the people, click on the pets, tapping on your husband or wife, click on the random thing in the street or also completing the achievements as well.

Moreover, there are a lot more ways to earn the cash as we cannot cover all of them here. You can check out this legit kim Kardashian hollywood hack to understand all the legit ways to earn the currency of the game.


Stars are also hard currency of the game so it is used to buy clothing homes, furniture, energy and pets.

Therefore, you can easily start spending money on various kinds that will definitely give you great benefits. Let me explain some more facts about the stars –

  • Paid Stars – Let me starting from the stars that can be purchased from the Starshop so simply click on the Plus table where you can easily get the stars, but you need to spend real life money over there.
  • Earning stars – In order to earn stars, get high ratings on the big movies, develop high co star relationships or by just completing the achievement. Instead of this, the big goals or watch the ad videos in the Starshop you can earn this currency.

Furthermore, we have already mentioned all the great aspects related to the game that you must check reviews online.