Creative Destruction Currency Guide – Learn How to Earn and Spend Currencies

Creative Destruction Currency Guide

Here is a complete Creative Destruction Currency Guide that you must know before start playing the game actually.

Creative Destruction is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there. With hundreds of thousands of active players competing against you, it is essential to understand and earn the various in-game currencies.

These multiple types of currencies play an essential role in your bid to advance in the game. You will have to complete missions and tasks to earn these currencies.

Creative Destruction Currency Guide including Types and Their Spending Options

Here are the three most critical in-game currencies in Creative Destruction –

  • Gold Coins – The premium currency in the game, you can use Gold Coins to purchase items from the shop (characters, clothes, guns, etc.).
  • Star Coins – Star coins are the second most important form of currency in Creative Destruction. These coins come useful when you wish to customize your game character, your clothes, or to buy customized weapons.
  • Diamonds – The most elusive currency in Creative Destruction, Diamonds are primarily used to upgrade your weapons, improving their performance levels so that you have a better chance of defeating enemies in combat scenarios.

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How to Earn these Currencies

Creative Destruction offers players enough opportunities to earn each of these currencies. Here are the easiest ways to make these currencies from youtube: Moreover, there is a basic bunch of ways you need to read below.

Daily Missions

Completing Daily Missions is the easiest way to keep your inflow of currency steady on a daily basis.

Each day, a new set of missions appear on the main menu. Daily Missions usually consists of using a certain weapon to get a specific number of kills, construct at least ten buildings, etc. Moreover, cdestructionhack is also one of the best site that offers such cheats for creative destruction game that you may like to read.

Completing Daily Missions gets you in-game experience (XP) and gold coins. Collecting XP is crucial to improving your chances of leveling up.

More importantly, Daily Missions give you a chance to earn Exchange Medals. These medals can be exchanged to get treasure chests that contain loads of gold coins, star coins, weapon skins, character upgrades, etc.

  • Exchange five medals to get one Silver Chest (contains gold coins, star coins, and temporary weapon skins)
  • Trade thirty medals to get one Gold Chest (contains gold coins, star coins, and permanent weapon skins)

Complete every Daily Challenge and rack up your collection of Exchange Medals.

Weekly Missions

Similar to daily challenges, in weekly missions, you have to achieve a set number of objectives over one week.

Every mission is unique. Remember, other players will also have the same missions, so you need to be aggressive and careful of competing players.

For instance, if a weekly mission is to kill a certain number of players at a specific location, you should expect a lot of players to land in that location during the week.

Winning Battles

You will have to win as many battles as possible to amass gold and star coins.

At the end of each game, your performance will be analyzed, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

The longer you survive and the more kills you get, the better are your chances of earning top rewards.

Lastly, you can purchase currency packs in the game with real money. Almost all the top players use this option to stay ahead of the competition.

There are various low-cost packs available. Start with the cheapest option and spend more only if you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.