Choices: Stories You Play Currency Guide!

choices stories you play currency guide

Once you decided to play the Choices: Stories You Play game then you will find two different kinds of currencies very crucial to collect in the game.

Let me start from the keys that are considered as the most advanced fund that you will find in the game. On the other hand, diamonds is considered as the most valuable currency of Choices: Stories You Play.

Therefore, we can say that both resources are very useful and significant to become an experienced player of the game. The game is really perfect for the stories loves those really like to complete half stories wisely.

What Are Keys And How To Earn This Currency?


Keys are the primary currency of the Choices: Stories You Play game. It is really amazing option that will give you great support.

By using the keys you can easily choice between the stories and play any story you want. Players should simply earn more keys and read various chapters to earn the keys in the game-

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  1. Let me start from buying the payment, so one can easily buy the keys from the online game store. When you download the game then you will find the store in it that will allow you to play the game wisely. Before you can make the decision of buying the keys don’t forget to check out the policies that will allow you to get discounts as well.
  2. Even by participating in the events, you can easily earn huge amount of keys. Even this method is really amazing and free of cost so get ready to take its advantages today that will completely prove valuable for you. People should simply participate in the quests and events to earn more keys for free.

Well, we have mentioned some great aspects related to the currencies that will allow you to earn the funds wisely and easily.

But still, there are so many of them to learn out. Visit to the real choices hack list where you can find all of them to use in the game.

How to Earn the Diamonds?


If you are looking for the most important currency of the game then you will find diamonds that is considered as the premium currency of the game.

Due to this, players are enabling to unlock the stories and give a perfect look to all the avatars they want.

Even players can easily enjoy the stories without having any stress or tension. You can get this currency by spending real life money in the game store so if you get the premium funds then don’t waste it and use it when you reach the high level in the game, so get ready to take its advantage today that will give you great outcomes tomorrow.

A Small Tip!

Spending real life money on the purchase of currency maybe not a good option because it is really complicated to collect real life money and if you are wasting it on just a game then it is not good.

However, by completing various tasks and activities in the game, you can earn the resources that can be really fine and valuable for you to earning the experience of the game.